I'm Manuel Muñoz Solera, and I work at GitHub designing developer experiences. I spend most of my time thinking and bothering people who are way smarter than me. Seriously, isn't that great?

I enjoy coding small, purposeful tools as much as I love drawing compulsively.

If you are close to San Francisco, drop me a line!

Before joining the Developer Services team at Microsoft, I had a lot of fun in a few other places.


Principal designer (2013 — 2018)

Yammer was home for over four years. I was able to work on a broad range of problems, bringing a social layer to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products.

Working on our design system was a real treat.


Head of design (2010 — 2013)

Tuenti was born as a social network with a strong emphasis on chat communication and photos; by the time I joined the company, it was about to get out of its comfort zone and release a virtual mobile operator.

My experience at this company was challenging and rewarding. Both businesses had radically different design needs, and that forced me to adapt and learn many new skills. I managed a fantastic group of human beings who taught me a lot about how to make things right and called me out when I did wrong.

What else?

A lot more!