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The Sketch Playground

05 December 2014

Few months ago I played a bit with the Sketch Plugin API to build a very stupid plugin. Building your own plugins makes you feel awesome, and it allows you to get tailored tools that fit your workflow.

If you enjoy coding as much as I do, then you are going to LOVE this Sketch Plugin Cookbook I found today on a distribution list. This is a collection of snippets and examples of code to build your own scripts, so you can get inspired or discover things you didn’t know you could do (like the “Set Border Radius for Specific Corners” thing).

There is also an awesome sketch community, the facebook group is quite active, and if you use slack and want to try slackline, you should try to join the sketch-app channel.

Dusk, Dawn, Daylight

04 December 2014

Few days ago, not sure how, I ended in this page, a website to calculate your pace for some races if you want to finish in a particular time. If you play with the slider you’d see that the tool changes the background of the cell if you are going to run in the middle of the night. And I thought it would be really interesting play with something in that direction.

Today Dani Mota posted about suncalc.net.

And Sergio Álvarez Leiva pointed me in the direction of nychenge.com, where they use suncalc to build that beautiful visualization.

I can’t wait to play a bit with this!